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Military Sealift Fleet Support Command, Virginia
This was an ongoing project that took a year to bring to fruition. Global Events Management won the contract for a 3 star hotel and managed all the billing and transportation for this group. As with most contracts, this one has been modified to add more money, as the requirements changed to add more sleeping rooms and transportation due to an increase in hiring CivMars. Changes in class schedules and sizes have been dealt with swiftly and with no consequence to the MSC and itís students. Breakfast has been early and prompt, thus allowing the CivMars to be prompt at the Fire School.

DHS/Direct Reports, Virginia
Global Events Management, LLC placed a USCGC crew in Savannah, Georgia. This has been an ongoing contract with 2000+ room nights and all meals for the entire crew of the USCGC Monhegan. Due to the length of time required to complete this major repair, we moved the crew to different hotels and restaurants to alleviate boredom. That made this highly successful for USCG and the crew.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Washington, DC
Global Events Management, LLC placed a group in October 2006 by writing the entire technical proposal and remained Prime Contractor. This was a very large and very successful two week training program.